Spring Valley School enrolls new students throughout the school year.  We have a policy of open admission, accepting all applicants who have the capacity for full participation in our program as self-directed, autonomous members of the Spring Valley School community.  Applicants can enroll as young as age 4 and remain enrolled through age 19.


Step 1: Schedule a Tour


Learn about Spring Valley School first-hand and find out whether it is a fit for your family.

There is no way to truly understand a Sudbury community without seeing one in person.  Once a family has researched and has a basic understanding of the model they can call and set up a tour of our school. Ideally this would occur during the school year, however summer tours can be arranged.  A tour is the first step towards enrollment.
Schedule a Tour

Tours generally last about an hour. Come prepared with all of your questions and be ready to change your concept of what a school looks like.


Visiting Week


Visiting students are fully immersed in Spring Valley School during this 5 day experience.

The second step toward enrollment is completing a Visiting Week.  A Visiting Week requires 5 consecutive days of attendance and can begin on any day of the week.  This is a time for the visitor to try out the school and for us to get to know each other.  Visiting students are free to choose how they spend their time each day as they explore the Spring Valley community.

Successfully completing a Visiting Week entails demonstrating that the student is responsible enough to manage freedom at this level.

To request a Visiting Week, call the school and fill out the visiting week forms (below).

Schedule a Visiting Week
Print Visiting Week Forms

step 3


Enrolling is simple! You’ve already completed your registration for the Visiting Week, there is just one additional step:

Print Enrollment Forms

Spring Valley School welcomes racial and ethnic diversity and families of every composition. It does not discriminate on the basis of race, age, religion, sex, national or ethnic origin in administration of its educational policies, admission policies, and athletic and other school administered programs.