The primary learning for students at any Sudbury school is to discover what their passion is. This is an intense learning process. Any Adult understands how few of us truly discover who we are, what we want, and exactly how to “follow our bliss” until late in life, if ever. Children and Teens who are allowed to pursue this process young become eager to learn the academics that they need to succeed.

In such a climate a student’s own interests determine the course of his/her day. Here the ebb and flow of activity depends upon individually pursued directions. Students often join and share an activity initiated by someone else. Thus there is a constant interpersonal transfer of information, communication, and enthusiasm between members of the community. In such a flexible and egalitarian context, interpersonal and communication skills become very important.

Our Mission

6The mission of Spring Valley School is to provide an educational environment that fosters the natural joy of learning within a living participatory democracy. Trust, freedom and empowerment are the means by which students develop personal responsibility and the confidence to create the lives they want for themselves.

Our History

2015schoollifeFounded in 1997, Spring Valley School is modeled after the highly successful Sudbury Valley School, which was founded in 1968. There are now over 30 Sudbury Schools worldwide.   Please visit to learn more about the various Sudbury Schools worldwide.