The primary learning for students at any Sudbury school is to discover what their passion is. This is an intense learning process. Any Adult understands how few of us truly discover who we are, what we want, and exactly how to “follow our bliss” until late in life, if ever. Children and Teens who are allowed to pursue this process young become eager to learn the academics that they need to succeed.

Instead of tests, grades and homework, Spring Valley School offers students ages 4 through 18 the opportunity to be self-directed in their learning in a supportive community environment.

Students of all ages are expected to be:

  • Self-directed, motivated, and enthusiastic lifelong learners
  • Creative and self-confident
  • Responsible, independent, and resourceful
  • Community-minded
  • Highly adept at communication

If this is what you want for your child, we invite you to learn more about Spring Valley School and the Sudbury model, which is on the cutting edge of education reform today.

A Typical Day at Spring Valley

Parents new to the Sudbury model often ask, “What’s a typical day like?” Quite simply, there is no typical day. Some activities, like games of tag with intricate rules or duct tape art, come and go while some activities stick around.

On any given day, however, you can see adults and students of all ages mix freely doing whatever they want within the boundaries of safety and respect. Students and staff can be found everywhere talking, laughing, playing, and working.

School Meetings

Every student and staff member has an equal vote in managing the School. The weekly School Meeting determines rules of behavior, use of facilities, expenditures, and staff hiring, and delegates specific routines for running the School to various agents.

Judicial Committee

All members of the School community participate in Spring Valley’s judicial system. The fair administration of justice is key to establishing the students’ confidence in the School.

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